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Shape Lovers has made eating healthy, convenient and economical for the people of South Florida since 1984. Offering healthy portion controlled meals delivered fresh daily to your home or office, this is not a fad diet with bland tasting food. You can choose from our Traditional meal plan, our fresh and tasty Bistro menu, our mouthwatering desserts, and our made to order Catering Services. All meals are prepared and cooked to perfection daily by our Shape Lovers Gourmet Chefs. Eating healthy is easy with Shape Lovers. Give us a call or register online today and leave the cooking to us! Any of the items on our menu can be ordered Ala Carte and substitutions are available upon request.


Shape Lovers has one of the most diversified Entrée menus you will find anywhere. Artfully prepared from our family to yours, our entrees can serve as the main dish of any meal. Our entrées collection features portion-controlled main dishes—from tender, braised cuts of beef, baked chicken and pan-fried seafood to classic pasta recipes.


Eating salad is a great way to add nutrition to your meal. You can combine the best nature has to offer by adding green, yellow and red vegetables. Our fresh cut leafy lettuces, vegetables, antipasti, meats and cheeses are all hand crafted with gourmet dressings. Our complexity of flavors and how it all mingles together make an exceptional salad.


Sure, your entrée is the main dish. But it’s the sides that make the feast. Our wide variety of homemade sides will complement any meal you may have in mind. You know that vegetables are a healthy side dish. But so are starches like potatoes and rice – made Shape Lovers style! The secret is using just enough of the right portion-controlled ingredients to make the flavors in these healthy side dishes shine. Every meal deserves a side dish equally as inspired and impressive, and we have it covered.


Made fresh daily using our homemade stock, our signature soups vary from hearty to healthy and offer something for every taste. Fresh, hot, flavorful with a great base – our soups are slow-simmered and make a perfect companion to our sandwiches, salads and entrées.


Don’t worry and indulge yourself. Our desserts are low-sugar, but you wouldn’t know it after having a delicious bite! Shape Lovers desserts are a great way to finish off any meal!

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