About Shape Lovers

A sincere message to our customers,

As the oldest and most enduring healthy food delivery service in Miami, we intend to provide our customers with the best possible experience.  With our “ease of use” subscriptions, we engage and consult each consumer in regards to their health needs, and aim to satisfy our customers by providing the most nutritious, healthy, and affordable meals as possible in a timely and efficient manner.

We promise to address any issues and concerns that will come up, and provide prompt notice of changes in meals and/or delivery schedules well in advance through our website and social media platforms. We promise to keep our food as tasty, fresh, healthy and innovative as possible. Shape Lovers will always be looking and planning ahead and giving the public what they want with full flavor and options.

We value YOUR health and will make every possible accommodation to secure your business. We value your patronage and will always strive to retain it. We value your suggestions and input, and are ready to hear your concerns.

Shape Lovers is a family-oriented business. We are in the business of helping people have affordable food options while assisting in improving their health! We firmly believe that our healthy meals will provide an added benefit to your life and improve the quality of it.

We treat our customers with the utmost respect and we value your opinions. We also value all of our employees matter their role, every position is equally important in our company. Our employees and our customers are Shape Lover’s GREATEST ASSET. Our business could not continue without them and this message is a pledge to do our best as a company.

Thank you for your continued faith in our ability to serve you the best food possible.

With great respect and regards,

The Shape Lovers Team